- year 1 does not correspond to a calendar year but to a series, and this A1 series works on the senses, more specifically on the vestibular system :
- a1.n1 » nociception | perception of pain
- a1.n2 » proprioception | perception of body awareness and surrounding space
- a1.n3 » kinaesthesia | perception of movement
- a1.n4 » chronoception | perception of time
- a1.n5 » equilibrioception | perception of balance
- a1.n6 » thermoception | perception of heat
- a1.nα » an additional issue ( residual ) will be published for each year and intends to gather submitted pages that have not been included in their disctint numbers
- a1.nx » a collection of all minutes will be published in an additional 'minute book'
- a1.n_.x_ » eventual 'appendixes' may be published and refer to specific years and numbers as additional later complements
- a1.nØ » a 'compendium' will always be a short-run object that gathers all the artwork of a given year

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