CIR.CUNS.TAN.CIAL arises from an intimate need to create. After a very brief interregnum that tasted like too much, and even if that interregnum really existed, the need to free the trapped pencil from the drawing board, leads me to cross old fields and rescue one of those residual projects that turned out to be consecutively postponed or terminated. The zine, due to its uncompromising character, was always the target of my fascination for its apparent simplicity which in its crudest nature seemed to me.



  • a0

    This is what it's all about... editing with all the usual fury and greed and pre(n)ssure of those here who remorse themselves and rattle the rack and bend the staples with the cob of their nails to create a zine. The circumstance is not to pragmatize but allowing ourselves to be carried away by the fiery moment. And may the circumstances of today drive the ballpoint pen into its long kiss with the sheet of paper, and may the circumstances of tomorrow stay in the tomorrow.

  • a1

    - year 1 does not correspond to a calendar year but to a series, and this A1 series works on the senses, more specifically on the vestibular system :
    - a1.n1 » nociception | perception of pain
    - a1.n2 » proprioception | perception of body awareness and surrounding space
    - a1.n3 » kinaesthesia | perception of movement
    - a1.n4 » chronoception | perception of time
    - a1.n5 » equilibrioception | perception of balance
    - a1.n6 » thermoception | perception of heat
    - a1.nα » an additional issue ( residual ) will be published for each year and intends to gather submitted pages that have not been included in their disctint numbers
    - a1.nx » a collection of all minutes will be published in an additional 'minute book'
    - a1.n_.x_ » eventual 'appendixes' may be published and refer to specific years and numbers as additional later complements
    - a1.nØ » a 'compendium' will always be a short-run object that gathers all the artwork of a given year

  • ax

    Welcome to the wild world of AX collaborations. We're not here to hold your hand; we're here to throw you into the mosh pit. In this series, creatives join forces to create something unique that acts as a backstage pass to the madhouse of collective creativity.
    Each edition of this series is a middle finger to the ordinary. We're not here to play it safe; we're here to break boundaries. Expect the unexpected, where the familiar dances with the freakish and the familiar gets lost in the bizarre. We don't do limits, and we sure as hell don't do comfort zones.
    Here, the journey is as messed up as the destination. So, strap in, open your mind, and prepare to have your artistic sensibilities rearranged.

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