From Idiotices to Ideas, an Ispertism that has been around for some time now comes to life outside the sty.
With the purpose of materializing Ideas!


  • cir.cuns.tan.cial

    CIR.CUNS.TAN.CIAL arises from an intimate need to create. After a very brief interregnum that tasted like too much, and even if that interregnum really existed, the need to free the trapped pencil from the drawing board, leads me to cross old fields and rescue one of those residual projects that turned out to be consecutively postponed or terminated. The zine, due to its uncompromising character, was always the target of my fascination for its apparent simplicity which in its crudest nature seemed to me.

  • circunferência

    Intimate writings from a small group of editors collaborators, and/or close individuals. It is therefore a small circumference of those around us.
    Simple, small, pocket-sized, ideal to be read aloud, alone, or in good company.

  • quadrunferência

    The very first publication by this publisher belongs to this collection. They are somewhat square publications for squared bigger people, and for smaller people who are not yet angular.

  • tangente

    Set of works that inhabit other publications' periphery. They share unique points of relevance and we don't know where else to fit them.

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